Study Guide

The Partnership

Wisconsin Wins congratulates retailers and employees who protect minors from the unhealthy effects of tobacco. During regular compliance checks, employers and employees who follow the law are recognized and retailers who sell tobacco are reminded of the law and possible consequences

How does it work?

What are your reasons not to sell?

It's illegal. Selling tobacco to minors is against the law.

It's expensive

You and your store can be penalized for selling tobacco or nicotine products to minors, and those penalties are stiff.

You want to make a difference

Wisconsin's youth and young adults deserve healthy futures.

Your store can choose not to sell tobacco products

In February 2014, national pharmacy chain CVS Caremark committed to ceasing all tobacco sales in its 7,600 stores by October. CVS will focus on providing wellness to its customers, and public health officials hope other retail pharmacies follow the path of Target and CVS in stopping tobacco sales. Removing tobacco products from your store may take courage, but the decision could be a very rewarding long-term policy. To discuss this possibility further, contact Wisconsin Wins at (608) 266-0181.

Together, we can make a difference

When we all work together to keep tobacco out of the reach of young people, retailers face fewer penalties and minors have a harder time making illegal purchases. When you train your employees on tobacco sales laws, everybody wins.